The Time Machine from cologne is also online!
Santas List REMOTE
This annual feeling of anxiety to appear in Santa's black book. With outrageous acts that lead to the poisonous rod waving. This year it happened.
You appear - by name on the blacklist of Santa Claus.

You have to manage to get your names off Santa's List so that Christmas can happen for you. Fortunately, you were able to send your helper - your avatar - to the North Pole. With your help, he will be able to remove your names before the Christmas Elves can catch him.
And now go - send your AVATAR on the trail.
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The Compass REMOTE
It is called Dæmon, the alter ego in the form of an animal being that accompanies everyone in this fantastic world of the golden compass. They have extraordinary abilities and as long as they grow, they constantly change their form. Without them, all humans are hopelessly lost, without them, they are no longer complete.
Lord Asriel - dust researcher and time traveler - has suddenly disappeared without a trace. He was the only one who could have stopped the Magisterium. This is where you come in. Send your avatar on his trail and help him solve the disappearance of Asriel.
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Time Machine REMOTE
INDIZIO brings the Escape Room feeling to your home.

From your screen you will be switched live into our Escape Room. Your AVATAR will then solve the puzzles in the room in your place and with your help.

Who has not always wanted to travel back in time? Your professor has done it! But not without dangers, because his reactor has run out of energy and now it's up to you! Find a way to travel to him through time and bring you all back to the present in good health before you get stuck there for all eternity. Time is running!
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What is a Remote Escape Room?
Our Remote Escape Rooms are Escape Rooms that normally can only be played at our location.

In order to give you access to our rooms during this time as well, we have modified them for you so that you can play them from home.

So make yourself comfortable in front of your screen and start your adventure as if you were with us. Our so-called AVATAR will help you. This is your host and at the same time your guide through the room via live stream.

He is your extended arm and foot, so to speak. With his help you will be able to solve the puzzles and successfully complete your mission.
How does a Remote Escape Room work?
After your booking you will receive a reminder one day before. On the day of the event you will receive an email with the zoom link and your login data. Distribute this information to everyone in your group.

For performance reasons it is recommended to install the zoom app and create an account. This is completely free of charge.

15 minutes before the actual start you should be online and follow the link to the waiting room. Here you can get more information about your adventure.

At the starting time your AVATAR will welcome you and clarify any open questions.

You are now ready to start the game...
1. Create a group of up to 6 devices. The number of people per device is up to you. Our recommendation is no more than 2 persons per access.
2. Communication and representation of the room will take place via zoom. For the best streaming performance, we recommend to install the zoom-app on your device.
3. Choose the room that best suits your mood and book it via the booking calendar. After the booking and before your TimeSlot you will receive an email with the access link.
4. Please be online 15 minutes before the booked slot We will then take you to the virtual waiting room and give you an overview of your booked game.
5. Have a pen and a sheet of paper ready to take notes. In zoom there will be a chat function in addition to your own video and audio stream, so you can exchange ideas.
6 And then it starts. After a short welcome and briefing video you are connected live to your avatar and the time runs backwards. Have fun and good luck!
Landline +49 221 27245353
Mobile Phone +49 176 42965828
Steinweg 3 - 50667 Köln
Landline +49 241 44594520
Mobile Phone +49 151 65039162
Theaterplatz 13 - 52062 Aachen
INDIZIO offers you 5 Escape Rooms in Cologne and 4 Escape Rooms in Aachen on an area of 400m² on over 500m². Both stores are centrally located with very good connections to public transport and nearby parking facilities. So nothing stands in the way of a successful mission. Either way.