Reflections - the magic mirrors in the Escape Room

He was one of the greatest magicians in the world: Harry Houdini alias Erik Weiß. He is said to have died of acute appendicitis, but you know better! His magic failed in his last magic trick and his soul was trapped in a mirror.

Only you are able to free Houdini in the Escape Room of Magic. Do not be misled by the reflections of the mirrors, do not be deceived or blinded. Find a way to release Houdini's soul from its eternal prison. But do it quickly, because time is running out! You must not be caught by the mirrors yourself.

Free Houdini's soul, then flee - start immediately, otherwise there is no turning back!
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INDIZIO offers you 5 Escape Rooms in Cologne and 4 Escape Rooms in Aachen on an area of 400m² on over 500m². Both stores are centrally located with very good connections to public transport and nearby parking facilities. So nothing stands in the way of a successful mission. Either way.