THE COMPASS (VR) – The Storytelling Escape Room

It is called Dæmon, the alter ego in the form of an animal being that accompanies everyone in this fantastic world of the golden compass. They have extraordinary abilities and as long as they grow, they constantly change their form. Without them, all children are hopelessly lost, without them, you are no longer complete, because you are directly connected to your Dæmon.

But the Magisterium wants to snatch them from you, use their abilities for cruel purposes and has already kidnapped some demons. Only with the help of Lord Asriel can you free her, but first you must help him. Through his dust research he has discovered a parallel universe. He himself is part of the Magisterium, but he wants to fight against his sinister machinations.

Take important documents from his office to his North Pole expedition and find the daemons before it is too late - for all of you! Sign up right now for this adventurous mission in the Escape Room!
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INDIZIO offers you 5 Escape Rooms in Cologne and 4 Escape Rooms in Aachen on an area of 400m² on over 500m². Both stores are centrally located with very good connections to public transport and nearby parking facilities. So nothing stands in the way of a successful mission. Either way.