The Legacy of the Ring - the power of evil

For years one ring was forgotten in the peaceful floodplain. But times are changing. Rumors speak of a shadow in the east, the awakening of a nameless evil. Sauron is on the advance and the Ring of Power longs to be reunited with its master.

There is only one chance: Find the ring before it falls into the hands of the evil one. Forge a community, no matter how different you are, and set out on the journey to Mordor. For only in the glowing fires of Mount Doom can the one ring be destroyed. If you manage to form a unit and overcome all obstacles, you can stop Sauron's armies.

Hurry, you are the only hope that Middle-earth still remains...
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INDIZIO offers you 5 Escape Rooms in Cologne and 4 Escape Rooms in Aachen on an area of 400m² on over 500m². Both stores are centrally located with very good connections to public transport and nearby parking facilities. So nothing stands in the way of a successful mission. Either way.