Escape Room The Rabbit Hole

A walk in the woods can't be that safe if you slip through a rabbit hole and find yourself in Wonderland. A place from a fairy tale, so colorful and beautiful - and yet so dangerous!

You escaped the queen of hearts by the skin of your teeth. The mad hatter gives you shelter. He knows a way back to reality, but your help is needed. You have to find four ingredients - and for that you'll have to go back to Wonderland, back to the Queen of Hearts, who will be hot on your heels. Find all the ingredients in just 60 minutes and prevent the Queen of Hearts from finding you. She'll play all the cards to see yours and the Hatter's head roll!

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Theaterplatz 13 - 52062 Aachen
INDIZIO offers you 5 Escape Rooms in Cologne and 4 Escape Rooms in Aachen on an area of 400m² on over 500m². Both stores are centrally located with very good connections to public transport and nearby parking facilities. So nothing stands in the way of a successful mission. Either way.